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5th European Biobed Workshop 2016
The workshop was held September 28th to 29th.
Author Country Issue
    Opening and program
Calliera, Maura Italy  Bottleneck of bio-purification systems
Castillo, Maria del Pilar    Biobeds in Latin America
Basford, Bill  UK  Practice, regulatory controls and future alternatives
Delgado-Moreno L. Spain  Effectiveness vermicompost from olive-oil waste 
Eklo, Ole Martin Norway  Protect groundwater from seed treatment 
Felgentreu, Dieter Germany  Anaerobic biobeds
Filby, Katherine UK  Catchment Management
Gianinazzi, Camilo Italy  Biobeds in Italy
Goldsworthy, Patrick UK  The Voluntary Initiative and Biobeds
Husby, Jens    Biobeds in the world
Karpouzas, Dimitrios Greece  Wastewaters from the fruit-packaging industry 
Koster, Sander Holland  Contaminated Water taken care of the Ckeer Way
Simpson, Nigel UK  Experiences and funding relating to Biobeds
Stobiecki, Tomasz Poland  Five years observation of Phytobac efficiency
Meadows, Teresa UK  Effectiveness of Pesticide Removal and Farmer Engagement

2nd Latin American Biobed Workshop 2014

First call to the 2nd LATAME biobed Workshop is held in Guatemala. See attachment.
Summary of the 2nd LATAME biobed Workshop is held in Guatemala. See attachment

4th European Bibed Workshop 2013


Abstracts 2013

Author Country  Issue
Basford, B. U.K.  Bioremediation in UK
Bozdogan, A.M.   Tyrkey Effiecency of wastwater sludge
Catroux,G. France How to improve efficacy?
Dakhel, N. Schweiz Efficiency of several biobeds
de Werd, R. Netherlands Biobeds and Fytobac in the Netherlands
Diez, C. Chile Biopurification system
Elgueta, S. Chile Fungal pellets (Presentation not avalable see abstracts)
Gao, W. China Biobeds in China
Gebler, L. Brazil Evaluation of different substrates
Doruchowski, G. Poland Vertibac
Husby, J. Denmark Biobeds in the world
Husby, J.  Denmark  Total closed system
Karpouzas, D. Greece Biobeds for fruit industry
Mukherjee, S. Germany Novel biofilter material
Oudin, E. France Pesticides at farm level
Pizzul, L. Sweden Biobes in Sweden
Romero, E. Spain Vermicomposts in biobeds
Springael, D. Belgium Level of genetic adaptation
Svensson, S.A. Sweden Biomix in greenhouse?
 1st LATAM Workshop 2012, 3rd  EU Workshop 2010 2nd EU Workshop 2007 , 1th EU Workshop 2004                           
1st Latin American Biobed Workshop 2012

The LATAN biobed Workshop was mostly in Spanish, but some presentations were in English and they are available below. For the Spanish presentations visit this website:
 Author                 Country                   Issue
Darmedru, Jean-Yves, France Phytobac®, french experience
Husby, Jens Denmark Why, history, workshops
Stenström, John Sweden Reduction of diffuse pesticide contamination
3rd European Biobed Workshop 2010

 Author                 Country                   Issue
Bolli, Randi Norway Composition af biomix
Bozdogan, Ali Musa Turkey Studies in Turkey
Coppola, Laura Italy Fungicides impact
Darmeru, J.-Y France Phytobac
De Werd, Rik The Netherlands Implementation
De Wilde, Tineke Belgium Sorption and degradation
Diez, M.C. Chile Soil from volcanic ashes
Eklo, Ole Martin Norway Effects on leaching
Felgentreu, Dieter Germany In German climate
Ferrari, F. Italy New Biomassbed
Hendrickx, Nico Belgium, Biorem project
Husby, Jens Denmark Biobed history
Karpouzas, D.G. Greece Implementation
Lemborgne, Michel Schwitzerland Héliosec
Mestdagh, Inge Belgium State of the art
Monaci, Elga Italy Biomassbed
Ngombe, Dean Canada CO2 as indicator
Omirou, M.D. Cyprus Implementation
Pizzul, Leticia Sweden Degradation of glyposate
Spliid, Niels Henrik Denmark New evaporation system
Wolf, Tom Canada Hydrology
2nd European Biobed Workshop 2007
  Author   Country    Issue
Basford, Bill UK Commercial adaptation 
Bozdogan, Alli Musa       Turkey Requirement in Turkey
Clevering, Olga The Netherlands Point sources
De Wilde, Tineke Belgium Behaviour of PPP in biopurification systems
Doruchowsk, Gregi Poland TOPPS and biobeds
Fogg, Paul UK Regulation in UK
Fournier, J C France Upgrade safe and efficient devices
Husby, Jens Denmark Farmers attitudes
Huyghebaert, Bruno Belgium Biofilters
Karpouzas, Dimitrios Greece Terbuthylazine and chlorpyrifos in biomix
Kramer, Harald Germany Washing places
Martin-Laurent, F France Microbial adaptation
Merli, A Italy Biomassbed
Monici, Elga Itally Degradation in organic substrates
Nilsson, Eskil Sweden Midterm review
Peters, Kai-Christian Germany Detoxification in fungal biobed
Röttele, Manfred Germany TOPPS project
Spliid, Niels Denmark Biobed / biofilter
Trevisan, M Italy Improved biomassbed

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1st European Biobed Workshop 2004

Author   Country   Issue
Basford, Bill UK Practical experience
Fogg, Paul UK Mechanisms and dynamics
Fournier, J.-C. France INRA studies
Husby, Jens Denmark BCS Stewardship
Jaeken, Peter Belgium Processing contaminated water
Kramer, Harald Germany  Sprayer Cleaning
Nilsson, Eskil Sweden The start in Sweden
Nilsson, Eskil Sweden The future work
Pederse, Poul-Henning Denmark Washing water
Pietrantoni, Bruno France Phytobac
Spliid, Niels Henrik Denmark Danish research


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