Contacts in different countries

Here you will find contact persons working with biobeds in many countries.  Names are placed alphabetic after first name within a country


Contact person 

e-mail                Institution  
Belgium Bruno Huyghebaert  huyghebaert(at)  Walloon Agricultural Research Centre
  Dirk Springael dirk.springae(at) Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
  Dirk Baets 
 Bayer CropScience
  Ellen Pauwelyn
Provinciaal Onderzoeks-en Voorlichtingscentrum voor Land- en Tuinbouw
  Pieter Spanogne spanoge(at) Ghent University
  Nico Hendrickx nico.hendrickx(at) PC Fruit
  Tineke De Wilde tineke.dewilde(at) Ghent University
Canada Dean L Ngombe nlyonga(at) University of Saskatchewan
  Tom Wolf tom.wolf(at) Agriculture & Agri-Food, Canada
Chile Cristina Diez mcdiez(at) Universidad de la Frontera, Temuco
  Cebastian Elgueta  selgueta(at)  Universidad de la Frontera, Temuco
  Felipe Gallardo gallardo(at) Univ. de la Frontera, Temuco
China  Liang Jungeng  liangjungeng2008(at)   
  Zhang Keqiang   kqzhang68(at)  
Elena Aleksandrou
foodlap(at) Institute of Agricultural Research of Cyprus
  Michalis Omirou
Institute of Agricultural Research of Cyprus
Denmark Jens Husby jens.husby(at) Bayer CropScience
  Niels Henrik Spliid niels.spliid(at) University of Aarhus
France  Emeric Oudin  emeric.oudin(at)  Axe-environnement
  Fabrice Martin Laurent fabrice.martin(at) INRA
  Gérard Catroux catroux(at) Biotisa
  Jean-Yves Darmedru jydarmedru(at)  
   Nicolas Ligny  n.ligny(at) Biotisa
Germany Bernd Altmayer bernd.altmayer(at)  
  Dieter Felgentreu dieter.felgentreu(at) Julius Kühn Institut
  Hans-Joachim Duch  hans-joachim.duch(at)  Bayer CropScience
  Harald Kramer harald.kramer(at) Chamber of Agriculture of North Rhien Westphalia.
  Kai-Christian Peters
JenaBios GmbH
  Kristin Gröge 
Julius Kühn-Institut(JKI)
  Manfred Röttele
Better Decisions, TOPPS
  Petere Burauel   p.burauel(at)  University Bonn 
  Santanu Mukherjee  santanu_mukherjee86(at)  University Bonn
Greece Chiara Peruchon perruch(at)  
  Demitrios Karpouzas dkarpouzas(at) University of Thessaly
  Nikolaos Tsiropoulos  ntsirop(AT) University of Thessaly
Guatemala  Julio Ruano  j.ruano(at)  Agrequima 
Italy Alberto Cantoni alberto.cantoni(at) Bayer CropScience
  Annalisa Merli  annalisa.merli(at)  Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
  Costantino Vischetti c.vischetti(at) Università Politecnica delle Marche
  Elga Monaci e.monaci(at) Università Politecnica delle Marche
  Ettore Capri ettore.capri(at) Universitá Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Piacenza
  Ferrari Federico Universitá Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Piacenza
  Gabriella Fait  gabriella.fait(at) Aeiforia srl
  Laura Coppola l.coppola(at) Università Politecnica delle Marche
  Marco Trevisan marco.trevisan(at) Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
  Massimiliano Mochetti   massimiliano.mochetti(at)  Bayer CropScience
  Maura Calliera  maura.calliera(at)  Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore 
  Mybatec Distributor of the Phytobac®
  Paolo Balsari   paolo.balsari(at)  University of Torino.
Maroc  Mehdia Mounir  mehdia.mounir(at)   Bayer CropScience
Mexico   Carmen Ponce  cponce(at) AUniversidad Autônoma de Yucatán
Norway Ole Martin Eklo ole-martin.eklo(at) Bioforsk
Poland Greg Doruchowski  gdoru(at) Insad
  Jerzy (Jurek) Prochniki jerzy.prochnicki(at) Bayer CropScience
   Tomasz Stobiecki  t.stobiecki(at)  Institute of Plans Protection Sosnicowice Branch
Portugal Ana Paula Pinto  app(at) Evora University
  Maria do Carmo Bayer CropScience
Singapore  Jingquan Guo  jingquan.gao(at)   Bayer CropSciece
Spain Emilio Gil emilio.gil(at) Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
  Esperanza Romero Taboada eromero(at) Estación Experimental Del Zaidín (EEZ-CSIC)
Sweden Eskil Nilsson eskil.nilsson(at) Visa Vi
  John Stenström john.stenstrom(at) The Swedish University of Agricultural Scienses
  Leticia Pizzul leticia.pizzul(at) The Swedish University of Agricultural Scienses
  Maria del Pilar Castillo maria.castillo(at) The Swedish University of Agricultural Scienses
Switzerland  Nathalie  Dakhel  Nathalie.dakhel(at)   
  Pascal Boivin Pascal.boivin(at) University of Applied Sciences
  Pierre Julien pierre.julien(at)   
The Netherlands Marcel Wenneker marcel.Wenneker(at) WUR
  Rik de Werd rik.dewerd(at) WUR
Turkey Ali Musa Bozdogan amb(at) University of Cukova, Adana
  M.Eren ÖZTEKÝN eoztekin(at) Çukurova Üniversitesi Ziraat Fakültesi
  Nigar Yarpuz-Bozdogan nyarpuzbozdogan(at) University of Cukova, Adana
UK Bill Basford mechbasford(at) FIAgrE. Independent Consultant
  Paul Goddard paul.goddard(at) Bayer CropScience
  Tim Pepper tim.pepper(at) ADAS
USA, Ohio   Erdal Ozkan ozkan.2(at)  The Ohio State University 
USA, Utah Richard  Lamar rlamar(at) EarthFax Development Corp
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